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Executive Director's Message:

The final touches for our own Global Conference and our engagement in CoP27 are being put in place. By now, you likely have made plans to be at the Conference, so we look forward to seeing you! 

For those of you who cannot attend in person, the plenary sessions will be recorded and posted after the event in the Members Only area of our website.

The Agenda for GCSB is looking very exciting, starting with the Communicators Summit on Monday, November 7th. We will learn about changes in consumer attitudes over the past three years, and how we can hone our communications with them.

Also on Monday, we arranged an opportunity to preview the first episode of Peter Byck's new four part film, Roots So Deep. Having seen his previous work, I am expecting this latest one to be excellent.

Our opening general session on Tuesday will feature Debbie Lyons Blythe, Jason Weller from JBS and Peter Byck, reporting on four years of field research.

Over the rest of the day, we will hear about our three goals and from our working groups, and have breakout sessions from all of our national roundtable members.

On Wednesday, we will take a deeper dive into nutrition, food waste, water, animal health and welfare, as well as the key collaborations that are helping lead sustainability efforts around the world.

Our Capstone speaker from our own executive committee will be Jeannette Ferran-Astorga from Zoetis talking with Justin Sherrard from Rabobank.

The tours on Thursday will provide a great insight into some of the leading cattle operations and related organisations in Colorado, including Leachman Cattle, CSU ARDEC, Cargill, Five Rivers and Frazier Farms and two dairy operations. Sadly for me, I will not be able to join these tours, as I have to go straight on to Egypt for CoP27.

After our Global Conference, on Saturday 12th November, is adaptation and agriculture day at CoP27 and I will participate in a panel with the US Dairy Export Council held in the IICA pavilion.

On the 14th, I will be taking part in a panel discussion in a UNFCCC side event on resilient and sustainable African agriculture.

On the 17th Josefina will moderate GRSB's own side event in the IICA pavilion on Sustainable Grassland and Livestock management, and on the last day of CoP, the 18th, I will participate in a joint side event in the African Union pavilion with the Global Dairy Program and ILRI.

It promises to be a busy week and one in which livestock will be constantly under fire. I recommend looking at the GMA resources which includes a CoP27 activation kit. Our social media manager, Kellie, will also be sharing hashtags and messages on GRSBs social channels to keep you informed.


Ruaraidh Petre
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Executive Director
November 2, 2022

Conference and Summit Attendees: 

We are delighted to welcome 
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We look forward to working with you.

Registration Open
Global Conference on Sustainable Beef
November 7-10, 2022
Denver, Colorado, USA


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