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The Joint Working Group on Land Use Change (JWG) began as a technical working group of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS) and is one of the oldest working groups in the GRSB. Co-led by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and the GRSB, its very existence highlights the strengths of the roundtable approach with diverse stakeholders collaborating constructively to enhance land-use sustainability goals across the cattle value chain.

Initially created in 2012, the Joint Working Group has historically served as important forum over the last seven years, largely focused on tropical deforestation driven by cattle ranching in the Amazon biome in Brazil. The JWG served in an advisory role to the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to support efforts to achieve zero-net deforestation by 2020 and has frequently played a key role in the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef. In early 2020, the JWG was refreshed to strengthen membership collaboration throughout a wider geographic scope with updated objectives created to further advancement of solutions that protect forests and native vegetation while promoting sustainable cattle supply chains.

Notably, the JWG is also currently supporting and advising the GRSB in its creation of a global land-use sustainability goal.

Leads: Josefina Eisele (GRSB) and Simon Hall (NWF)

Developed in collaboration with roundtable members, the JWG objectives are to:

Ø  Provide a forum for global and regional stakeholders to discuss the drivers, opportunities, and challenges associated with deforestation and land-use change in cattle value chains

Ø  S

upport the work of the GRSB and regional RTs to establish, implement, and track a global sustainability goal for land-use change

Ø  Advance support for viable approaches that help improve productivity, enhance biodiversity, and build resilience on existing pasture lands while reducing pressures for additional deforestation and land-use change

Ø  Advance support for responsible sourcing practices, including deforestation-free and conversion-free supply chain approaches, building on existing legal frameworks

Ø  Identify a range of incentives, including financial, for producers to help protect forests, native vegetation, and other high conservation value ecosystems

Ø  Encourage improvements in traceability, monitoring, and transparency in cattle value chains

Ø  Share science, research, innovations, and information on topics related to land use change, degradation, and habitat loss associated with cattle value chains

The JWG is made up of an internationally-diverse group of stakeholders, including members from all stages of the global supply chain. We support collaboration and are dedicated to providing an open forum for communication among all relevant stakeholders. As such, participation in the JWG does not imply agreement with any particular viewpoint or commitment. For further information, please see the JWG Terms of Reference document.

To participate or request additional information, please contact:

Simon Hall (NWF –, Josefina Eisle (GRSB –, and Hillary Fenrich (NWF –

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