GRSB enjoys a variety of standing and ad-hoc committees that conduct the internal business of the roundtable to ensure members remain active in the operation of the organization. This is an important feature of a membership organization and it is essential that members maintain interest and involvement in the committees.

Who is eligible to serve?

Every GRSB member organization is eligible to serve on a standing and/or ad-hoc committee. Eligibility of participation is based on the organization, not the individual. For example, any employee of Cargill may serve on a committee, per that company’s discretion.  However, the acting chair of each committee must be a member of the GRSB Board of Directors.     

Importantly, members must consider the time commitment required to serve and their relevant level of expertise to advance the mission and goals of the committee.  Finally, committees are responsible for the creation and oversight of the technical working groups.

GRSB Working Groups:

Global Goals

Chairs of each global goal group collaborate and communicate the strategic intent of the GRSB; increase awareness and impact of the GRSB to internal and external stakeholders; and define key metrics and indicators to report improvements in beef sustainability.

Animal Health and Welfare

Co-chairs: Josh White, Mandi McLeod, Ruaraidh Petre 

Facilitate the exchange of knowledge to share best practices, research findings, training and practical approaches to improving cattle welfare under different circumstances around the world. Stimulate discussion on identified gaps in knowledge to support research projects. Define key metrics and indicators for animal welfare and data collection and reporting methods.


Chair: Brenna Grant

Identify relevant research and research gaps surrounding greenhouse gas emissions related to beef production, and work to address calculation approaches in beef carbon foot-printing.

Nature Positive (Land Use Change)

Co-chairs: Simon Hall & Josefina Eisele 

Enhance understanding of the conditions under which cattle contribute to land use change; to facilitate engagement and collaboration among diverse value chain stakeholders to explore technical and policy-relevant opportunities and challenges associated with deforestation-free production and sourcing; support efforts with commitments to deforestation-free production and sourcing.

Communications Council

Chair: Amie Peck

Provide oversight and guidance for publicizing sustainable production practices, creating public responses and press releases, website and newsletter materials and communicate GRSB's activities to the general public. 

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