GRSB Principles and Criteria for Defining Global Beef Sustainability

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef defines sustainable beef as a socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable product that prioritizes Planet (relevant principles: Natural Resources, Efficiency and Innovation, People and the Community); People (relevant principles: People and the Community and Food); Animals (relevant principle: Animal Health and Welfare); and Progress (relevant principles: Natural Resources, People and the Community, Animal Health and Welfare, Food, Efficiency and Innovation.)


Natural Resources

The global beef value chain manages natural resources responsibly and enhances ecosystem health.


People & The Community

Global sustainable beef stakeholders protect and respect human rights, and recognize the critical roles that all participants within the beef value chain play in their community regarding culture, heritage, employment, land rights and health.


Animal Health & Welfare

Global sustainable beef producers and processors respect and manage animals to ensure their health and welfare.



Global sustainable beef stakeholders ensure the safety and quality of beef products and utilize information-sharing systems that promote beef sustainability.


Efficiency & Innovation

Global Sustainable Beef Stakeholders encourage innovation, optimize production, reduce waste and add to economic viability.

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