2014 Global Conference on Sustainable Beef - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Monday, November 3
 (0830 - 0900)Opening Plenary Session

Moderated by Cameron Bruett (Corporate Affairs, JBS)
   GRSB President
 GCSB Welcome
   Cameron Bruett
   Eduardo Bastos (Government Affairs, Dow Brazil)
      GTPS President
 (0900 - 0945)Opening Keynote Speaker
VideoBalancing the Three Pillars of Sustainability
Ricardo Sánchez López, Director of Food Security, Latin America, The Nature Conservancy; former Colombian Vice-Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Gaining Consensus Among Stakeholders - A process
Karin Kreider, Executive Director, ISEAL 
 (1045 – 1215)

Defining Sustainable Beef: GRSB Principles & Criteria Overview
Moderated by Ruaraidh Petre, GRSB Executive Director and The Technical Working Group Leader

 - Natural Resources (Fawn Jackson, Canadian Cattlemen's Association)

 - People & the Community (Ed Delate, Marfrig/ Keystone)

 - Animal Health & Welfare (Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, Cargill)

 - Food (Michele Banik-Rake, McDonald's)

 - Efficiency & Innovation (Ian McConnel, World Wildlife Fund - Australia)
Lunch & Speaker

The Science of Sustainability: It is Not a Monometric Concept
Dr. Marty Matlock, Executive Director, Office of Sustainability; Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Arkansas
 (1330- 1500)Breakout Session A 
(breakouts will be repeated during Breakout Session B)
 Options: I. Challenges of Developing Indicators and Benchmarking Sustainability

Moderated by Dr. Cassio Franco Moreira, Director of Standards & Certification, WWF International
Video(1330-1350)  What We Learned Conducting an Industry Farm to Fork LCA for Beef - Dos & Don'ts
Dr. Kim Stackhouse, Director of Sustainability Research, National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Video(1350-1410)  Beefing Up Sustainability: The Journey of the SAI Platform Beef Working Group
Brian Lindsay, Project Leader, Beef Working Group, SAI Platform
Video(1410-1500)  Interactive Panel  
- Dr. Marty Matlock, University of Arkansas
- Dr. Kim Stackhouse, NCBA
- Brian Lindsay, SAI Platform
- Karin Kreider, Executive Director, ISEAL

II. Communication & Transparency with Consumers & Millennials
Moderated by Cameron Bruett, Corporate Affairs, JBS
Video(1330-1400) Being Transparent with the Consumer: The Language of Trust
Kim Essex, Senior Vice President, Director, North American Food Practice, Ketchum
Video(1400-1430)  Ethics, Values and Science: Finding the Right Mix to Build Trust
Charlie Arnot, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Food Integrity
Video(1430-1500)  Successful Sustainability Communications
Daniel Meyer, Roundtable for Responsible Soy

III. Developing and Deploying Effective Sustainability Tools
Moderated by Forrest Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Video(1330-1400)  Successes in Other Commodities
Dawn Robinson, Regional Director: Latin American, Proforest
Video(1400-1430)  Tools Available that Can Measure Our Improvements
Tre' Cates, Chief Operating Officer/CFO, Savory Institute
Video(1430-1500)  How Do You Measure Sustainability?
Karl Williams, Director, FAI Farms
 (1530 - 1700)Breakout Session B (Same as Breakout Session A)

I. Challenges of Developing Indicators and Benchmarking Sustainability
 II. Communication & Transparency with Consumers & Millennials
 III. Developing and Deploying Effective Sustainability Tools
 Tuesday, November 4 
Plenary Session - Brief Review of Day 1 (2015 GRSB President)
Enough Beef Now and into the Future: Global Beef Balance Trends
Jose Roberto Peres, Cattle Unit Director, Elanco - Brasil

Brazil & Brazilian Beef: Why GTPS – Results to Date and Next Steps”  Facilitated by Eduardo Bastos, GTPS President

 (1215-1330)Lunch with Speaker

Sustainable Intensification: How to Satisfy the Growing Global Demand for Animal Protein Without Depleting Natural Resources
Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Former Chair, FAO's Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership
 (1330-1500)Beef Sustainability Globally (Panel Discussion)
VideoModerated by Cameron Bruett, Corporate Affairs, JBS
Regional Updates:
Cheryl Copithorne-Barnes, Chair, Canadian Roundtable forSustainable Beef
VideoEuropean Union: 
Brian Lindsay, Project Leader, Beef Working Group, SAI Platform
VideoNew Zealand:
Terry Meikle, Regional Manager North America, Beef + Lamb New Zealand
VideoUnited States:
Forrest Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Jose Benito Guerrero, The Nature Conservancy,  Belem
Juan Gallego
 (1515-1615)Producer Panel

Moderated by John Carter, President of the Board of Directors, Aliança da Terra
Video“Highlighting Producer Members: The Value of Sustainability”

Gonzalo Becoña, Agronomist, Plan Agropecuario
United States:
Tom McDonald, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding
Andre Bartocci, Manager, Nossa Senhora das Gracas Farm

Introduction by Gary Johnson, Senior Director, Strategy/Sustainability, Worldwide Supply Chain, McDonald's Corporation
We're Only as Good as They Think We Are
Francesca DeBiase, Vice President for Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability, Worldwide Supply Chain, McDonald's

Charge to Members and Stakeholders for Next Steps in Beef Sustainability
Wednesday, November 5 

Committee and Technical Working Group Meetings

(0800-1200) Joint Working Group on Forests
Financial incentives and investment opportunities to support best management practices, moderate intensification and deforestation-free production in collaboration with the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA 2020)

(0800-1200) GRSB Communications Committee

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